Sunday, October 05, 2008

omg i found another one

i have a friend that works at my old job and i said to her tonight "omg i almost forgot to tell you, i work with two people that don't believe in evolution". i expected her response to be shocked laughter or what would pass for shocked lol--we were texting--and she said that she doesn't believe in it either.

what the hell? how is this possible? i guess if i was a better person i would champion their right to believe in the fairy tale of their understanding, lol. but i am not a better person so i am horrified and scared for the future of our society. how could you not be?

Saturday, October 04, 2008

how cute is my big boy with mickey?

more about the freaks at dss

this should come as no surprise to the 2 people who have been waiting for me to get off my dead ass and blog again, but let's say someone else should happen across this and actually stick around to read it--to them it might be surprising. so let me just say that i apologise for taking so long to follow up on this.

dominic has been successfully adopted. he is cuter than ever and i will post pictures soon.

we got the news about 8 months ago that they had yet another child.......yup, still mentally retarded, still alcoholic and still simple and still pumping out the babies. it would be funny but this is real life so it is tragic and sad. luckily dss took their head out of their asses long enough to call us to see if we would take the baby. of course we said yes. we are perhaps the biggest freaks of all, lol. 4 kids in a 2 bedroom house, sure we will take her. why not? so the baby came to us right from the hospital and should be well on her way to being adopted, right?

WRONG!! the parents are fighting us for the baby. it is just too much to expect that someone would just laugh at them and automatically award us custody of the baby.......nope we are having to wait while they have some long ass court action to see if the parents are fit to raise this child. for those of you who have lost count this is child number seven.......they weren't fit to raise the other six but maybe they are better, right? (see other dss post)

the only bright spot in all this is that she is practically the best baby in the world.....dominic was really the best but don't tell her, lol. and that everyone we talk to says that there is no way that they will ever get custody. but that really isn't the point is it? the point is that they continue to be FREAKS.

freaks at work

well, it is official. the end of the world as we know it is here. not for nothing but i knew this day would arrive but i had no idea it would happen in my life time, lol.

i work with not one but TWO people who don't believe in evolution............and these are perfectly reasonable nice people......maybe too nice. maybe that is the real problem here they are so nice that you would never suspect that they are CRAZY, lol. i can almost believe that someone would choose a creationist for their vice-presidential running mate......but to actually meet someone and like them and then find out that they DON'T BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION. well, it is a little off putting to say the least.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

more on the dss system

well, this past week the good folks at social services finally decided to change the baby's goal to adoption. it had been reunification which stills blows me away. why that was ever an option in this case is beyond me. back in june--read the post, lazy ass--i said that they were supposed to change the goal "soon". i guess in dss time that 5 months for a no brainer decision isn't a long time. but for us, who have been waiting for them to show up and take him away, it has been a long freakin' time.

but he is well on his way to becoming ours now. we need to wait at least 6 months to adopt him but that will fly by. in the life of this blog it is only 2 posts, lol.

and another freak situation at the dss. we have to reapply for our funding that came with the boys because they are special needs. and they need documentation to prove that the boys still have special needs. they don't have colds for gods sake. they have mental disablities and delays. that are not getting better. and will probably never get that much better. but they have to have their documentation because perhaps a miracle has taken place.

i now finally understand why they keep giving the kid's mentally retarded, alcoholic simple parents more and more chances. they don't have the proper documentation to prove that they are still mentally retarded and alcoholic and simple. lol if they would just provide that proper paperwork everything would be golden. FREAKS.

Friday, September 08, 2006

how freakin' cute is my kid? Power to the People!!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 04, 2006


i have some very sad news. cassady got sick again and we took her to the vet last thurs. for tests and they didn't really find anything to explain the tremendous weight loss and the constant gagging so they hydrated her and sent her home on friday. friday night she was still gagging and unable to eat and then same on sat. so the boss said that she was just suffering and we didn't want her to starve to death so we had to have her put to sleep. it was one of the saddest days of my life. i am tearing up just thinking about it. she was a great cat. very sweet and super affectionate, esp. since she recovered the first time. that is what sucks the most. that she did such a good job getting better the first time. although honestly i don't think she was ever eating that much the whole time.

and about the boys. we did not take christopher. just the baby. because of the cluster fuck that is dss we could not in good conscience rip him away from the only mother he has know for over a year of his two years on earth. dss did not have any problem with the idea. freaks.

dominic is doing well. he is gaining weight although this week he did not gain enough and the doctor put him back on the special formula. we do have concerns about his vision and will be seeing a neurologist in a few weeks. hopefully they will know something. and now i have convinced myself that maybe he can see but he has cp. he is kind of floppy and jerks his arms around like that guy on last comic standing. and i keep thinking that is all well and good for josh blue but what if dominic isn't funny? lol if you don't find the funny in all this you will go nuts. so anyone who is going "what the hell is wrong with her" should just come by and spend the day at this asylum and see what you find funny after awhile. seriously it is like a freak show here most days.

we had the boys tested at the franciscan hospital for children. alex was tested by a psychologist, speech and language and physical therapy. he will probably have to start taking adhd med. i didn't want to face it but his behavior is affecting his safety and now with the baby we can't deny it any longer. and he is mildly mentally retarded. which we already knew so that wasn't a big surprise.

the surprise came with nick's testing. he is not mentally retarded. we don't have the report yet but the psychologist was adament about that and wanted to know who told us he was. so many people that it is hard to figure out who said what exactly. but who cares because that is very good news.

i have had many freak encounters lately at work but i have to get going now. i will post again soon.

Friday, June 16, 2006

speaking of the cat

i feel like making up for lost time so i will tell you the 900 dollar saga of our cat, cassady. almost two weeks ago i was getting ready to take the boys to the doctors when i heard the sound of a cat hawking up a hairball on my tan carpet. at least that is what i thought was happening. in reality, the cat had tried to get the hairball up and it went part of the way back down into her airway. so she was dying on the floor with all kinds of fluid leaking out of her mouth. i called the vet we had used before and they were not in and kindly advised me to try another vet if it was an emergency. now why else would i be calling a vet? we never got unneccessary medical care growing up why should the cats?

so any way, i call another vet, try to find the cat carrier, get the boys and cat into the van and try to find the vet. when we got there it was clear to them it was an emergency and the vet looked into the cat's mouth and said that there is something in there. and whisks her away. now i love that cat. and the boss really loves that cat but if someone had told me that she would probably have brain damage from this ordeal i might not have said save her. i might have but i am not sure. so that day was seven hundred dollars.

they sent her home that afternoon so i expected that she would be fine. well, she was not fine. she could barely walk and refused to eat or drink and hid in the bottom of our closet. two day later she is back for iv fluids, one hundred dollars. the next day back for force feeding, one hundred dollars. and then i had to go to cvs and get appetite stimulant pills. i felt like an idiot because the one thing i don't look like i need is appetite stimulating pills. lol

so now she will only eat tuna fish and she is drinking water finally. she is coming out of the closet more and seems more with it. so i am glad they didn't tell me that she would have brain damage . and really who doesn't?

People are not always such freaks

although it is not always bad to be a freak or even a super freak, most of the time it is. face it. it just is. and the great thing is you will never run out of freaks to poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but sometimes you have to acknowledge that all people are not freaks. or so says the boss.

since we got the baby most people have been supportive and some people have gone the extra mile. the boss brought home a gift bag with seven, yes seven really cute outfits for the baby. and some of them have baseball caps. alright that is a little freaky since his head is as big as an orange. but in general that was a really nice thing for the woman in her office to do.

a friend is coming over tomorrow with a big bag of diapers that her daughter is too big to use anymore. in case you are not the owner of a baby the only thing stupider than paying money for something to pee in and then throw away is paying alot of money. and diapers cost a ton of money. if nick and alex ever get out of pullups we can go on a really nice vacation with the ton of money we will have.

another friend is loaning us everything you possibly want/need for a baby. from the crib to the jolly jumper thing to hang in the doorway. clearly you don't need one of those but it is really fun to say. jolly jumper, sounds like a suicidal pirate.

and now for the freak portion of our day. my mother is convinced that this will all be too much for us. "how can you take care of three kids" well, ma. you did and i am not drunk all the time. no i didn't but oh, how i wanted to. and sometimes she just laughs nervously and asks about the cats. gotta love her or you would run her over with a bus. only kidding ma. lol

Can't believe it has been over three months since I have written.

It is certainly not for the lack of freaks in the world and esp. in my small part of the world.

To go into more detail about the dss freaks---they are ridiculous. We weren't good enough to get Nick and Alex's little brother Christopher--maybe the gay thing maybe not. maybe the genetic condition of the boys maybe not. the boss says no on both counts and says i judge people. of course i judge people. always have always will. if you are a freak i will judge you a freak, if you are good people i will judge you good people. what is wrong with that? nothing
Last friday we found out that N and A's mom had the 6th baby 5 weeks premature and did we want christopher? what the fuck? we wanted him for the past 15 months and then decided since they waited so long and he was in a good home and had bonded with the lady for over a year and she wanted to adopt him, that we would not push anymore and let her have him. if she decided she didn't want him then we would take him. but now suddenly we are being offered christopher. and why you might ask. are we less gay, hell no. but now they have a perfect little baby and it will be easier to find a home for him. so now we are good enough for the toddler. and in the next breath, they say well, ...... had the baby and we wanted to know if you want him. what the double fuck? now not only are we good enough and smart enough but dss likes us.

technically this is a foster care placement because they haven't terminated parental rights yet. so the technical goal is reunification. what the triple fuck? just because they couldn't take care of the first FIVE, why not give them a chance to mess with the SIXTH. FREAKS

hopefully they will change the goal and change it fast. this is what the plan is, but i will believe it when i see it.

stay tuned tomorrow for the "freaks from work" post.

Alex and Victoria eating popsicles.

They aren't freaks but thought the freaks might enjoy looking at how cute Alex and his sister are. Don't they look the same. Posted by Picasa

Here I am with our new baby. the freaks at dss called me on tues. and said the baby is ready to go home tomorrow and do you still want him. of course we want him. look how beautiful he is.
Note my new red "i am having a nervous breakdown about work" hair color. Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 03, 2006

gutters and steps and windows, oh my!!!!!

we recently signed a 30,000 dollar contract with newpro to get windows. i know, this is ridiculous. who needs that kind of windows? but you were not at the marathon educational whoopdeedoo that was the demonstration of the windows. they showed up at 7pm and didn't leave until nearly 11pm and my roast pork came and went without being eaten. it was like a moonie retreat. i found out that if i am deprived of pork roast i will agree to almost anything.

today the handyman express or some such nonsense came by and gave us two estimates for the gutters. the first one was to just fix them. 460 plus materials. the second was to replace them. 1150 plus materials. materials being gutters. for christ sake. gutters are not included in the price to replace the gutters.

he also said that the steps were beyond what he could do and he knew a guy who could do it because all the bricks should be pulled up and repointed. that means cemented down. in case you didn't know what pointed means. and why should you. so we need a specialist for the fucking front steps.

did anyone see that movie with tom hanks when he was still funny? now i know how he felt. and not just because he was married to shelley long.

my recommendation, don't buy a house unless you are related to donald trump and on very good terms with him at that.